Winter 2017-2018 Sunday School classes

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Taught by Kirk Schoenbein

It reveals the righteous, holy God Who Is. It indicts, convicts and condemns humanity for sin. It points to the only way for the sinner to be saved from that judgment. It is the song, the rock, the refuge and the light to the path of the redeemed. It's the Bible, and this class will examine its origin and the evidence for God as its Author.

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Taught by Sam Pflederer and Tim Bertsche

The Bible has relevance for all cultures, but sometimes we forget that it arose out of a culture very different from our own. Understanding how that culture “worked” won’t change our understanding of the Bible so much as sharpen it. Drawing on our experiences living in African cultures that are closer in some ways to the Biblical culture than our own, we will explore several big-picture cultural themes that can enhance our understanding of the Biblical text. Then, as a group, we will apply these themes to a variety of Bible stories so we can begin to see the text in high definition.

biblical astronomy

Taught by Adam dean

This class will explore the "fingerprints" of God as we take a scientific and biblical look into the universe. Through video, lecture, and discussion, we will learn about astronomy and God's perfect design to bring all people to Him.  This class will strengthen your faith as we view God's creation from a far out perspective.  (Psalm 8:3-4a)

teaching through the temple

taught by Brandon Cosby

From the time of Solomon to after the death of Jesus the temple sits at the heart of so many of the stories in the Bible. This class will seek to tell the story of the temple as we explore the stories of the people whose lives were framed by it. Our lessons will cover each of the temples that existed over Israel's history (Solomon, Post-exile, Herod) with significant focus on the role of temple during Christ's life. He was presented there, found there as a child, performed miracles there, taught there, and grew angry there. By the end of the class, I hope that you have a greater appreciation for the central role of the temple in Israelite life and understanding of what it looked like and the purpose it served.

1 Timothy

right now media series by david platt

The series from I Timothy gives us the instructions for the community of believers. We begin by looking at the components of our earthly worship. We learn that our worship is an expression of a heavenly assembly. Then we'll move further into the lessons on worship by seeing the characteristics of our devotion to God and how this should affect the earthly outpost of the heavenly kingdom we know as “the church." There's a lot to consider as we move into this important teaching with David Platt. Don't have a Right Now Media account? No problem click the "Request an Account" button below. If you already have an account, click on the "Listen In" button to be taken directly to the 1st Timothy series.