miracle CAMP 2017

Every year hundreds of campers from our area embark to Lawton, Michigan to attend Miracle Camp. We love the spiritual growth and fun the campers have every summer! While away at camp, kids experience growth through relevant chapel sessions, cabin devotions, counselor mentors, and daily personal devotions. If you would like to sign your child up for this camp, read below for links to their website as well as information about transportation to and from camp through Grace Church.

CLICK HERE to visit Miracle Camp's website and learn more about their summer camp program.

CLICK HERE to visit Miracle Camp's registration page.

*communication changes*

This year we’ve made some changes to Miracle Camp transportation to streamline and simplify the sign-up process. You’ll see changes in how and when to sign up your camper for our Camp Carpool.

This summer we plan to go completely digital for the sign up, as opposed to phone calls. Instead of sending letters by mail, all Camp Carpool letters will be sent via email. We will also send a “ride status update” email to Grace Families near the end of May. All other updates and important information will be sent via email so be sure to regularly check your email in these next few months.

We hope that these process changes will aid in a worry-free sign up for transportation. 

See below for more information and links to sign up!

Get a ride

After you register your camper to attend Miracle Camp, you may wonder how you'll get your camper there!

We have created a "carpool", of sorts, to help bear the transportation burden for our church family. Even if you’re not a part of our church family, we would still love to help when we can!

Carpool registration is open to the Grace Church family March 13 through May 19. We include any student who comes regularly to any of our ministries as a part of our family! Registration opens to the public on May 20.  Beginning May 20, all signups will be seen as “first come, first served.”

Is your camper bringing a guest? Grace Families are able to “reserve” a spot in the carpool for one guest by including their name on your sign up. The guest still must sign up for transportation individually (after May 19).  Once the guest has signed up, we will put them into the reserved spot. If the guest does not sign up before the two week deadline, he or she will NOT have a spot on the van.

*After signing up for camp carpool you will receive a confirmation email within 3 three business days. This email will include FAQs.

*After we have made our final list of riders (approximately two weeks before each camp session) we will notify you if you have a ride or not. If you have a ride, there will be a link to pay the transportation fee.

PARENT TIP: It would be a great idea to have alternate transportation plans in case we run out of room - which happens frequently!

Drive with grace

We are very grateful for our drivers who selflessly give of their time to bring campers safely to and from Miracle Camp every summer.  Each year we need new drivers to step up and serve in this way.  No matter how you're connected to our Miracle Camp Carpool we'd love to talk to you more about becoming a driver!

In order to drive to camp you must meet the following criteria:

  • Attend Grace Church
  • Be age 25 - 70  
  • Have a J class restriction on your driver's license
  • Have had a Grace Church background check
  • Sign up for a week needed with Pastor Steve

miracle camp steps at a glance

  1. Register by clicking on the Miracle Camp registration link
  2. Sign up to get a Ride with Grace
  • Your child MUST be signed up with Miracle Camp before you sign up for Camp Carpool.

      3. Confirmation email received (Please allow 3 business days)

  • This email will include FAQs

      4. Grace Families’ status update sent May 22 (Grace Families will find out if they have a ride)

      5. Final Confirmation email sent two weeks' prior to your camper's week away.

  • After we have finalized the list of riders we will notify you if your camper has a ride and if so, include a link to pay the transportation fee of $30 (round trip).