Adoption Means Reliance

For the last few weeks of the ‘Spot’, I’ve been talking about what a huge blessing it is to be adopted into God’s family. Last week we considered that it is out of God’s mercy that He adopts us. This week I want to share something the Lord brought vividly to my attention.

Adoption Comes From Mercy

Today I want to explore with you God’s motivation for adopting us. If you were to honestly think about it, you would likely agree that none of us deserve to be adopted. God is perfect and deserves children that worship and obey Him perfectly. I am not capable of perfect obedience, and I am not capable of perfect worship. It’s easy for me to do what I want to do, and to do what I think is best. God deserves a lot more from me than I am ever able to give Him.


I sat on the doorstep of the house where we stayed and thought to myself, “I need to do something.” I strongly felt a call from God to adopt a child. Adoption is not something I had ever considered, and I prayed a great deal before approaching this subject with my wife. I was encouraged and blessed to discover that God had been laying the same desire on her heart.