Faith and Politics: Vote

I don't know about you, but as I think back over my lifetime, I haven't found many political leaders that I can really believe in. I know this might sound cynical or even critical, but I haven't found many politicians that fill me with confidence. It might be because of their ethics or their character. Just recently, we have been reminded that some in leadership act as though they are above the law. I find that discouraging. It might also be because there are seemingly few genuine, authentic believers seeking office. Many claim to be Christians, but their words, their voting records, or their attitudes seem to contradict that claim. Do you feel that same tension as we approach another major election? I wonder if this is one of the reasons that Donald Trump is doing so well – many, like myself, are discouraged with politicians. They are wanting something completely different.

Make no doubt about it – this is a major election. Not only will we decide who our next president will be, but it is likely during the next four to eight years, that many of our leading Supreme Court officials will either retire, or as happened recently, pass away. But as Christians, what are we to do when so few of the candidates seem to represent Jesus Christ's priorities for our country? You see, that's the primary reason I'm calling you to think as you read this week's Spot. I'm calling you to vote based on the leading of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not simply based on your personal priorities or opinions.

Christ calls us to submit to our leaders. Our central verse for this Spot of Grace series is:

 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.  Romans 13:1

That submission does not mean we should avoid the area of politics because we are discouraged or disillusioned. I encourage you to consider this: God is calling you to prayer. You may conclude that there are no candidates that are able to represent the view of most Christians in our country. But that doesn't mean that God’s will for us as believers is to sit back and do nothing. I encourage you to think about this challenge: pray and ask God to guide your decision and then vote according to your conscience, even if your vote is used to keep a less desirable candidate out of office. 

If you find yourself anxious in these days, I encourage you to keep your eyes on Christ.  Trust God and don't allow anxiety to overwhelm you. God can work in tough times as He does in good times.  God has given us the gift of living in a democratic country. Many lives have been lost to gain the freedom we have to vote. God will use our leaders according to His plans and purposes. So let me encourage you - pray and vote!