Trust Our Big God

Trust Our Big God

Good afternoon,

For the last few weeks in the ‘Spot’, we have been thinking about trust. I began by saying that trust is the bridge from chaos to peace. Last week I wrote about how we should not trust what we feel, but what we know. Today I want you to know that our God is big. God is all-powerful and all-knowing. We can trust our big God. He is present and He is able.

 To illustrate this point, let me share this story:

My wife, Beckey, and I try to get away once or twice a year to spend some time together. My wife is a whiz at finding hotel deals online. A few weeks ago she found a great deal in Chicago. So this past weekend we stayed in an amazing hotel that was right in downtown Chicago. The view from our 23rd floor window was amazing. It was a south facing room, so our view of the skyline was incredible. Our hotel was next to the river and we had a wide, unhindered view of the city. As I looked out from our hotel window, the thought struck me: I can look out of this window and see, literally, thousands of people …

Some people are driving in their vehicles. They are zooming from traffic light to traffic light as though it’s an Olympic sport. Maybe they are heading home after a busy week. Maybe they are heading out for the evening. I see hundreds of cars in the street below. 

Some people are walking in the streets. I see people walking their dogs. I see couples and groups enjoying the cool evening.

As I look at the street corners, I see people sitting on the sidewalk. I remember passing them as we were walking earlier in the evening. Many had cardboard signs in hand: "Homeless - anything will help.”

There are two parts of the Chicago “L” rail network in my full view. I see some people sitting on the train as it rattles by. They are all traveling somewhere.

Across from the hotel is a large office building. Inside, I see people cleaning the offices that are now empty of daytime workers. I wonder what these custodians are thinking about as they clean the offices.

Adjacent to our hotel is a large apartment building. I can see hundreds of the apartments in this impressive building. The people who live there get to enjoy this amazing view every day and night.

As I sat by this hotel window watching the world go by, this simple thought struck me: In a single second, I can see just a tiny glimpse of all these people doing all these different things. I don't know their names. I don't know their stories. I don't really know anything about them.

As I look up at the tallest building in the Chicago skyline, fog occasionally blocks it from my view, and I have a thought that makes me feel small but it also makes me feel secure. God looks upon this world and doesn’t just see a moment in the lives of a few thousand people. He looks down on all the billions of people that call this planet their home. He knows their names. He knows their situations. He knows the day they were born. He knows the day when they will leave this earth.

I am not like God. I can't even keep track of a few hundred people's names. I really try, but I'm not very good at it. But right now God sees all of us. He knows our names, He knows our hearts, and He knows what we need from Him at this very moment. Wow! I encourage you to trust our big God. There is nothing that you will ever face that He can’t handle.

Pastor Glyn