JUNE 2019

Much has been happening as we continue to prepare for our church to be led by Elders and Deacons. The Council and Deacon board have been busy leading and getting things in order for a smooth transition in July. The Council and Elders have met together a couple of times and we are planning a leadership celebration lunch on Sunday July 7th.

We are very thankful for the good interaction as a church in the past couple of months about our transition to Elder and Deacon leadership. Your comments were helpful in shaping our direction and plans. After identifying the initial Deacon and Deaconess positions, we gathered input from current leadership, pastors, and the congregation to find the individuals God has gifted to serve. It has been a blessing to begin asking those folks and see how God has already been preparing their hearts for ministry. We will be able to announce the names of our Deacons, Deaconesses, and Deacon Couples very soon. We have also been organizing our finance, missions and evangelism teams so that they understand their tasks. We are so thankful that many who are serving in those roles currently are willing to continue and look forward to involving several new people on those teams as well.

We are planning an Elder Installation at the end of our June 30th Sunday morning service. The installation will include a Biblical charge to the Elders and prayer for our church. Please be praying for all our leaders during this time of transition.

We encourage you to be an active part of our collective mission to make disciples for Christ. Thank you so much if you are already serving in an area of Grace Church ministry. Please continue! If you have not yet found a place to serve, please don’t hesitate to reach out to an Elder or Pastor so we can help plug you in. The body is healthiest when we are all working together, using our gifts to glorify God.

MAY 2019

We are so thankful for the time we had with those who attended the Pizza + Elders time on Sunday, May 5, where we shared how we envision serving together as a Church family in the years to come. If you couldn’t attend that time, a second time with the Elders will be offered on Sunday morning, May 19, during the Sunday School hour.

We are currently receiving recommendations and feedback from you as we begin praying about and considering the men and women to serve in the Deacon + Deaconess roles we have identified. The draft role descriptions can now be viewed here so that you can read the ways we envision the deacons serving. Recommendations for Deacons, Deaconesses, and Deacon couples can be emailed at anytime to

Our next Elders Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 20, when we will be processing feedback and input from the congregation on what we’ve been sharing through these times together. We welcome your questions by contacting an Elder individually or sending an email to

Things we are thankful for – the encouragement and input we received as we met with Council, Deacons, Pastors and you over the past several weeks desiring to share, listen, and refine our next steps as the Church together.

Things we would ask you to pray for – that God would make clear those who should serve as deacons or deaconesses in the months to come, and that He would prepare hearts for serving in this way.

APRIL 2019

The Elders have spent the last three months meeting regularly with two distinct priorities – to pray for our church family and one another, and to plan and prepare for the transition to our new model of leadership & ministry together beginning on July 1.

As a part of these efforts, we reviewed the documents which inform how we are presently structured and serving. We then developed a model which we believe reflects the priorities of the local church, consistent with both God’s Word and our 60 years of life together as the Grace Church family. After receiving constructive feedback from the Church Council, Deacons & Pastoral staff, we are now beginning the next stage in that work.

This next stage entails understanding how best we can equip each person to use their gifts to serve – individually, as a part of ministry teams, or being ministry leads serving in the deacon or deaconess role.

We have been purposeful in these months to stay in touch with our Deacons and Council members as they continue to lead and serve until the end of June – and praise God for their faithfulness and the humble care they are showing us as we communicate together and look toward our transition.

Thank you for praying for us in these weeks. Our tentative plan will be to provide a monthly update, including a summary of our ongoing work, as well as things we’re thankful for and things we would ask you to pray specifically about.

Things we are thankful for – this exciting new season of ministry together; how God is binding us together as those preparing to shepherd and care for His church.

Things we would ask you to pray for – that God would make clear those who should serve as deacons or deaconesses in the months to come, and that He would prepare hearts for serving in this way.