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We are so thankful for the time we had with those who attended the Pizza + Elders time on Sunday, May 5, where we shared how we envision serving together as a Church family in the years to come. If you couldn’t attend that time, a second time with the Elders will be offered on Sunday morning, May 19, during the Sunday School hour.

We are currently receiving recommendations and feedback from you as we begin praying about and considering the men and women to serve in the Deacon + Deaconess roles we have identified. The draft role descriptions can now be viewed here so that you can read the ways we envision the deacons serving. Recommendations for Deacons, Deaconesses, and Deacon couples can be emailed at anytime to elders@gracemorton.org.

Our next Elders Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 20, when we will be processing feedback and input from the congregation on what we’ve been sharing through these times together. We welcome your questions by contacting an Elder individually or sending an email to elders@gracemorton.org

Things we are thankful for – the encouragement and input we received as we met with Council, Deacons, Pastors and you over the past several weeks desiring to share, listen, and refine our next steps as the Church together.

Things we would ask you to pray for – that God would make clear those who should serve as deacons or deaconesses in the months to come, and that He would prepare hearts for serving in this way.



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