God's Holy Land

Our journey together to the Holy Land is just a month away! Pastor Caleb & I are so excited to travel with you - and are presenting this page as a resource for you to have at your disposal as time and energy allow. We'll be posting here the audio from our SS class, PDFs of class notes and handouts, as well as other helpful items for you to have. If you're not presently taking the class with us, the general flow/outline of the resources will follow our chronological itinerary in the Holy Land after we arrive on Tuesday, October 25!

Overview of the Middle East (Week One)

During our first week we consider the Middle East from a macro perspective, including primary physical characteristics including mountain ranges, bodies of water, major & minor rivers, and more.

PDF of Slides from the Overview of the Middle East

In addition to the land, we considered how God views the land - and the many ways in which our understanding of the land enhances & refines our understanding of Scripture. Those notes are included here:

PDF of Week One Class Notes

At the conclusion of the class we discussed three helpful books to consider for purchase:

OVERVIEW OF THE MIDDLE EAST // Caesarea // Megiddo (WEEK Two)

During our second week together we considered the five major longitudinal zones of Israel - which impact so many elements of the cities we'll be visiting together! We also began studying some of the particular sites which we'll be visiting, starting with Caesarea - the land of Pontius Pilate, Paul, Peter & Philip; and, Megiddo, an important OT site which primarily served as a defensive location in OT times. 

PDF of Week Two Class Notes

PDF of Longitudinal Zones Slides

PDF of Caesarea.Megiddo Images

Mount Carmel/Jordan River/Sea of Galilee/Bashan/Caesarea Philippi

Week three of class together was FULL! We considered five features including Mount Carmel (site of Elijah's victory God made possible over the false prophets of Baal), the Jordan River where both John the Baptist & Jesus were baptized (it's also the site of Naaman's healing, which we read from the Jesus Storybook Bible as a reminder of God's faithful activity throughout history; the Sea of Galilee - one of the major centers for the fishing industry, Bashan (a refuge city in the OT we now know as the Golan Heights), and Caesarea Philippi - the center of Greco-Roman culture during the time of Christ - and the northernmost limit of Jesus' public ministry. 

PDF of Week Three Class Notes

PDF of Week Three Images.Slides

Our church's Family Life Sunday is Sunday, September 25, so the next class content will post the week following October 2.

CApernaum/Beit Shean/Intro to Jerusalem

PDF of Week Four Class Notes