Missions & Outreach

Our philosophy for missions and outreach is centered on the desire to glorify God and fulfill the Great Commission by helping to establish His church among all people groups on earth.

We believe this happens by obeying God’s call throughout the Bible to go to all peoples and proclaim the Good News. Our supported missionaries and ministries accomplish this goal with a wide variety of work and skills such as Bible translation, evangelism and discipleship, and church planting.

Based on this philosophy, our missions and outreach efforts are focused on three areas throughout the world:

Local Ministries

We encourage our church body to spread the Good News throughout our local community. Many families in our church work alongside and support organizations in our community such as: 

National Ministries

Members of our church body work throughout our country in support of national ministries that include: 

Cross-Cultural Ministries

Our crosscultural missionaries serve overseas with different Mission organizations such as:


Midwest Food Bank

Evenings and saturdays

Volunteer leaders- Morton Division is in need of more people to lead volunteer groups in the evenings and on Saturdays. Training will be provided.

Contact: Carol Jankowski
Email: cjankowskI@midwestfoodbank.org

Women's Pregnancy Center

Contact Tracy (below) to organize time

The Women's Pregnancy Center in Peoria needs volunteers to help sort and organize donations of clothes.

Contact: Tracy Capperrune
Email:  tcapperrune@peroriarescue.org
Phone: 309-688-0202

South Side Mission Orchestra

Thursdays 3:30-4:30

Volunteer to help with classroom management in the South Side Mission Youth Orchestra.  If you have a strings background, that'd be even better!  Any high school student or above in age would be appropriate.  

Contact: Kristin Schmidt
Email: www.schmidtstrings.com


Mission Prayer Teams

First Sunday- 11:45 AM

Mark and Mary Fischer - Fireside room (Cadence International)

Basque Team - Conference Room

Second Sunday - 11:45 am

Dave and Ashley - Fireside Room (MAF)

Second Sunday - 5:00 pm

Sam and Elizabeth - Conference Room(Wycliffe)

Third Sunday - 11:45 am

Dan and Kathy - Fireside Room

Neil and Joyce - Conference Room(Wycliffe)

Third Sunday - 5:00 PM

Steve and Sarah - South East Asia - Conference Room

Fourth Sunday - 11:45 AM

Jean and Joy - Fireside Room

Adam and Allison -  Conference Room

Every Wednesday - 6:30 PM

Adult Prayer meeting - Conference Room