Based on our philosophy, our missions and outreach efforts are focused on three areas throughout the world:


We encourage our church body to spread the Good News throughout our local community. Many families in our church work alongside and support organizations in our community such as: 


Members of our church body work throughout our country in support of national ministries that include: 


Our crosscultural missionaries serve overseas with different Mission organizations such as:


Midwest Food Bank

Evenings and saturdays

Volunteer leaders- Morton Division is in need of more people to lead volunteer groups in the evenings and on Saturdays. Training will be provided.

Contact: Carol Jankowski
Email: cjankowskI@midwestfoodbank.org

Women's Pregnancy Center

Contact Tracy (below) to organize time

The Women's Pregnancy Center in Peoria needs volunteers to help sort and organize donations of clothes.

Contact: Tracy Capperrune
Email:  tcapperrune@peroriarescue.org
Phone: 309-688-0202

South Side Mission Orchestra

Thursdays 3:30-4:30

Volunteer to help with classroom management in the South Side Mission Youth Orchestra.  If you have a strings background, that'd be even better!  Any high school student or above in age would be appropriate.  

Contact: Kristin Schmidt
Email: www.schmidtstrings.com


Mission Prayer Teams

First Sunday- 11:45 AM

Mark and Mary Fischer - Fireside room (Cadence International)

Basque Team - Conference Room

Second Sunday - 11:45 am

Dave and Ashley - Fireside Room (MAF)

Second Sunday - 5:00 pm

Sam and Elizabeth - Conference Room(Wycliffe)

Third Sunday - 11:45 am

Dan and Kathy - Fireside Room

Neil and Joyce - Conference Room(Wycliffe)

Third Sunday - 5:00 PM

Steve and Sarah - South East Asia - Conference Room

Fourth Sunday - 11:45 AM

Jean and Joy - Fireside Room

Adam and Allison -  Conference Room

Every Wednesday - 6:30 PM

Adult Prayer meeting - Conference Room