spring 2017 CLASSes



A Prosecutor's Analysis of Christ's prosecution

taught by Kirk Schoenbein

This class will examine the historical, political, and legal aspects of Christ's prosecution from a prosecutor's perspective. How did Christ's prosecutors build their case? What charges did they consider, what charges did they reject, and ultimately, what charges did they pursue? What defenses could have been made on Christ's behalf? Did Christ's prosecution conform to Jewish and Roman law? After considering these questions, the class will end with a theological analysis of Christ's execution as a criminal.

Why We (Should) Love the Church

Taught by Pastor Jonathan Farrell

Jesus' church is flawed and messed up - because you and I are a part of it! We live in a world with a heightened value for spirituality and a diminishing care for the local church. And so many are quick to write off the local church due to disagreement over purpose, personal experience, or even the perceived failures of the church throughout history. Why does it matter that the Church is the body of Christ with Jesus as its head? Why did Jesus commission the church in the first place to be the arena for His followers to dwell, live, share, care, grieve & serve together? Join us this quarter as we seek to answer these questions while studying God's Word together!


1st and 2nd Peter

Taught by Jim Isbell

Peter has given to us a precious letter that encourages us to hope in the Lord no matter how trying the times may be. Down through the centuries, the church has experienced various fiery trials and yet Satan has not been able to destroy it. The church today is facing a fiery trial and we must be prepared. The class is lecture with any and all questions you may bring. Bring your Bible and let the Holy Spirit grow you.

Spiritual Conversations

Taught by Pastor Tim Bertsche

Do you struggle with guilt about sharing your faith?  Do you worry that you might not ‘get it right?’ I think we all do. What if you felt more confident in guiding a conversation in a natural way towards spiritual things?  In this SS class, we will learn some tools to equip our minds, and study the Word to motivate our hearts to do just that - begin and engage in conversations that point toward Jesus.

Practical Proverbs

Taught by Pastor Glyn Knight

Proverbs is an amazing book of wisdom but because the wisdom comes in bite sized pieces the book of Proverbs can be hard to understand - this class takes the book of Proverbs and separates it from topic by topic - there are many major subjects that we will seek to explore and make application into our lives.


Right now Media

When many people think of the Ten Commandments, they think of rules that are outdated, backward, and restrictive. We don't want a faith that is all about lists of things we are not supposed to do. Many Christians also wonder if the Ten Commandments are an Old Testament thing that we shouldn't worry about anymore. How do we determine which parts to follow? Should they hold the same place in our lives as New Testament teaching? God's commands are not to regulate our outward behavior. He gives them in order to shape our hearts. Learning to use the Commandments for freedom's sake will give us a wonderful glimpse of what our hearts look like. Join us for this RightNow video series taught by Pastor J.D. Greer! Click on the image to watch this series through your RightNow Media account. Don't have an account? Click HERE to request one as our gift to you!