Finding God's path for our church together

On Sunday, August 19, we shared at the end of our Sunday morning service more about our transition to Elder leadership – and what the next steps are. The following weeks will include:

  • Members submitting recommendations of those men who have the qualities of an elder to through August 31.  Click here to view the qualities of an elder.

  • Our existing church leaders will spend the month of September praying about whom that first group of Elders should include – and will meet together on Monday, September 24, to identify the first group of men to ask to serve in this way.

  • The final week of September into early October will include asking the identified men to prayerfully consider serving in this way.

  • No later than Sunday, October 24, the first slate of Elders will be presented to the congregation, with time allowed for any feedback or questions about them to follow the announcement.

  • Finally, the leadership will present a ballot of Elders for affirmation no later than Sunday, November 18 – to be affirmed by church members at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 25.


This is an exciting season – and we want to continue to ask all our church family to be in prayer for those whom God has already appointed for these roles; for these men, their wives and families – and for our present leaders, who will receive recommendations in the weeks to come and be praying about whom the first group of elders will include.

As you consider the qualities of an Elder, we’d encourage you to review the "qualities of an elder" handout which was shared during our time together in the Spring; and we’d also point you back to the primary portions of Scripture in the New Testament (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4).