What on earth is god doing?

Taught by Joe Rohde

This class is based on the book by Renald Showers of the same title. Beginning with Adam and Eve and journeying through the OT, Renald Showers shows how God overrides Satan's ploy to prevent Jesus from coming into the world. Since Jesus did come, the author notes how Satan tried to prevent Jesus from going to the cross, but failed, and how Satan has brought apostasy into the church throughout church history only to see God's faithfulness in overcoming the attempts of Satan. Much of the conflict on the world scene can be traced to this battle between the sovereign God and Satan. This conflict explains WHY things are the way they are today. For example, why is our country in such a "messed up" state today? Why does it sometimes seem that God doesn't care? Why do we have so many wars? Why is Christianity attacked in the media and persecuted around the world? Why do things seem so hopeless at times? As a class, we will attempt to find answers to these and many other questions.